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Definitive registration | YO QUIERO BAILAR

Definitive registration | YO QUIERO BAILAR


The Kids Dance Project Yo Quiero Bailar (I want to dance) starts onWednesday 23rd August 


This is a 12-month dance project that allows children to develop on a personal and physical level, develop their passion for Latin and Central American music, and learn Latin and Central American dance steps.


Dance location: 

PalBailador Latin Dance Studio Zurich

Hönggerstrasse 40

8037 Zurich




  • Flexible termination - at any time

    We recognize that there may be times when a child may unexpectedly wish to withdraw from dance training, so we allow the following flexibility:

    • want the childleave during the first semester, a termination via e-mail (to before the second semester begins is sufficient. However, the semester fees will not be refunded. If no cancellation is made before the second semester starts, we assume that the child will continue to come to the training and the fees for the second semester will therefore also apply.
    • want the childleave during the second semester, so of course it's a pity, because it's come a long way, but it's not a problem. In this case, too, the same rules apply as for the first semester. All it takes is a cancellation via email so we know and it's a firm bet that the child will no longer be attending. The course fees will not be refunded here either.

    ​It is important to us that a child is happy and having fun. Because that's how the parents and we have a joy - happy child, happy parents. That's why transparency is important to us. 

  • Course description

    Rhythms Latinos for children

    Welcome, dear parents! We invite children aged 7 to 11 to explore the fascinating world of Latin American rhythms in our course. Under professional guidance, the young participants immerse themselves in the variety of salsa, bachata, reggaeton, cumbia, merengue and other styles. In a playful way, we develop choreographies together that are not only fun, but also promote important skills such as concentration and discipline. The children experience the value of team spirit by working together as a group and creating their own dance pieces. In the process, new friendships develop quite naturally, which further strengthen the joy of dancing and mutual support.

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