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The trial lesson helps the child to find out whether he/she likes the dance lesson and would like to be part of the dance project . The trial lesson is free if the child is registered for the dance project. Otherwise the trial lesson costs CHF 20.- / child. 


The definitive registration for the children's dance project takes place directly in the dance studio or online. 


This is a 12-month dance project that allows children to develop on a personal and physical level, develop their passion for Latin and Central American music, and learn Latin and Central American dance steps.


Dance location: 

PalBailador Latin Dance Studio Zurich

Hönggerstrasse 40

8037 Zurich




  • Course description

    ZUMBA Kids Party , taught by Sefora Molina, offers children ages 7 to 11 a dynamic and fun way to move through dance.

    It combines Latin American rhythms such as salsa, bachata, reggaeton and merengue with child-friendly choreographies. These classes not only promote children's physical fitness and coordination, but also their self-confidence and social skills through dancing and interacting in a group.

    ZUMBA Kids Party is an energetic and motivating dance style that helps children develop a positive attitude towards exercise and health.

  • Termination rules

    We are aware that it can happen that a child unexpectedly wants to leave dance training, so we provide the following rules:

    If the child wants to leave during the first semester, a cancellation via email (to is sufficient before the second semester begins. However, the semester fees will not be refunded. If no cancellation is made before the second semester begins, we will assume that the child will continue to attend training and the fees for the second semester will therefore also apply.

    If the child wants to leave during the second semester , that is of course a shame because he or she has already come a long way, but it is not a problem. In this case, the same rules apply as for the first semester. A cancellation by email is sufficient so that we know and it is a fixed matter that the child will no longer be attending. The course fees will not be refunded here either.

    It is important to us that a child has a lot of fun and enjoyment. This way, the parents and we are happy too - happy child, happy parents. That is why transparency is important to us.

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