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Rent our room

Classroom, birthday and company celebrations, seminar room, music room and workshops

Are you looking for a room that is very centrally located and can be used for many things? 

We are happy to rent our room to you during times outside our timetable.


Total area of the room: 170m²
Room height: 5 meters 

Equipment: mirror wall, wardrobe, bar, tables, washbasin, coffee machine (incl. tea), fridge, sound system (incl. smartphone and laptop connection or CD's), WCs and parking garage.

There is a direct access from the parking garage to the studio.

What can you teach with us? - Well, almost everything :)

Yoga, Pilates, Meditations, Zumba, Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Contemporany, Afro-Dance, HipHop, Tango, DiscoFox, Latin Standards, 
Kizomba, back gymnastics, meditation, rock and roll, zouk, boogy boogy, fitness conditions, kick boxing, karate, belly dancing, mummies with babies or children, also suitable as a music room for practicing, etc. 

Rental details:

Price per hour:  CHF75,- 
Minimum rental: 3h / week
Cleaning is generally not included in the price.

Contact us:
078 811 47 29

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