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Terms and Conditions
PalBailador - Latin Dance Studio Zurich

  1. General: PalBailador welcomes everyone who loves to dance, regardless of age, sexual orientation or origin.  Quality is our top priority. We therefore work with smaller classes of a maximum of 26 people. This allows us to respond to each dance couple individually (during the lessons), which is very important to us. We cooperate with a large number of dance teachers from different dance schools in Switzerland. We have chosen the dance teachers with great care. Each dance teacher brings their own dance experience and teaching qualities.

  2. Course registration/contract: Every course registration is binding and subject to PalBailador's general terms and conditions. Registration takes place exclusively online via our website A contract between the student and PalBailador is concluded the moment he/she accepts the terms and conditions (during the registration process) and receives a confirmation.

  3. Courses: we offer a variety of different dance courses/dance styles. The subscriptions we offer are the basis of all courses. The minimum number of participants is 4. If there are less than 4 people in a course, we reserve the right to cancel a course (up to a few hours before the start). In this case, another course can be attended.

  4. Our subscriptions: We offer a total of 3 subscriptions. All dance subscriptions, with the exception of LIMITED One, allow unlimited access to all dance classes, regardless of dance level. The duration of the subscription starts with the registration. The subscription period is automatically extended every 12 weeks (3 months).

  5. Billing/payment: Payment for a dance subscription is made online via credit card or Paypal as well as in the dance studio via bank card. Subscriptions are billed every 12 weeks. The total price for 12 weeks is paid in each case. 

  6. Pausing a subscription: Dance subscriptions can be paused on request. The request must be made 1 week in advance and communicated by e-mail. The dance subscription can be paused for a maximum of 6 months, after which the pause is automatically terminated and the course attended continues as normal. 

  7. Cancellation: The dance subscription can be canceled at any time (and up to 5 days before the end of the term), subject to the subscription term of 12 weeks (3 months). Cancellation must be made in writing (via e-mail) and at least 5 days before the automatic renewal of the subscription. Late cancellations will not be considered. Prolonged absence from lessons does not constitute termination. Cancellation is only valid with written notification as described above. Without notice, the dance subscription will be invoiced despite a longer absence. 

  8. Absences: For organizational reasons, all students are obliged to inform PalBailador if they will not be attending a dance class. If you are unable to attend a dance class due to illness, vacation or work, you should notify us at least 5 hours in advance by e-mail ( so that we know whether a dance class will take place or not. The minimum number of participants is 4. Cancellation can easily be done via the link in the footer of the website. 

  9. Compensation: We understand that it is sometimes difficult to attend every dance class. That's why we offer you options if you have missed a lesson. Of course, our goal is for you to attend dance classes regularly and have fun. During the 12-week dance subscription, a maximum of 4 lessons can be compensated. The compensation is based on the cumulus principle, i.e. as soon as you have accumulated a total of 4 missed lessons, you can make the compensation. Not before. There are two ways in which you can compensate: (1) Compensation in another course at your level: the missed lessons can be made up in another course at your level after your 12-week dance subscription has expired. For example, you can attend 2 lessons per week during the first 4 weeks of your new dance subscription to make up for the 4 missed lessons. This means that you pay the regular price for your new 12-week dance subscription. (2) Compensation in the first 4 weeks of the new dance subscription: If you have missed a total of 4 lessons within 12 weeks, you can make up the compensation after your 12-week dance subscription has expired. This means that you will make up the 4 missed lessons in the first 4 weeks of your new dance subscription. For your next 12-week dance subscription you then only pay the difference, i.e. 8 weeks. Important: It is particularly important to note that missed lessons must be registered at least 5 hours before the start of the course in order to be considered as compensation. Otherwise they will not be counted as such. 

    1. Duration of compensation: Compensations must be made immediately afterwards, as soon as your new 12-week subscription starts. Compensations can be made up for a maximum of 6 months, otherwise they expire. 

    2. Public holidays in the canton of Zurich: the dance school will be closed on public holidays in the canton of Zurich. The lessons that fall on these dates cannot be compensated. The following days are public holidays in 2024: Good Friday 29.3. / Easter Monday 1.4. / Labor Day 1.5. / Ascension Day 9.5. / Whit Monday 20.5. / Federal Holiday 1.8. / Christmas Day 25.12. / St. Stephen's Day 26.12. 

  10. Street shoes & physical hygiene: In order to keep our dance floor undamaged in the long term, it is not permitted to dance in street shoes. We therefore ask you to bring clean and dry shoes. It is always possible to dance with dance shoes. Physical hygiene is very important when dancing. We are aware that some people come to the dance class straight from work, but it is still important to take care of your physical hygiene. We therefore recommend that you always wear fresh clothes and deodorant. We have changing rooms where you can change and toilets that allow for hygiene. 

  11. Workshop: Workshops are not included in the subscription price and are therefore subject to a charge. If a workshop is not attended despite registration, the workshop costs must still be paid. This only applies if the workshop has not already been paid for online using a payment method. If a workshop has to be canceled due to a low number of participants (24 hours in advance), the amount already paid will be converted into a voucher. The voucher can be redeemed for a workshop, course or private lesson.

  12. Dance partner: dance partners are organized on request - without guarantee. 

  13. Transfer of a subscription: It is not possible to transfer a subscription to another person. 

  14. Liability: PalBailador or its staff are not liable for damages caused by an accident, injury or illness to the extent permitted by law. Insurance is the responsibility of the course participant. Furthermore, PalBailador is not responsible for the loss of valuables, clothing or other items. If a customer damages furniture, mirrors, windows, dance floor, bar, music system and anything else belonging to PalBailador, the customer is liable for this. 

  15. Data management: Data is managed exclusively by PalBailador and will not be passed on to third parties under any circumstances. PalBailador uses the data exclusively for internal purposes to improve its services.



Final provisions: These general terms and conditions are subject exclusively to Swiss law. The place of jurisdiction is Zurich/Switzerland.

(Last update: February 2024)

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