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General house rules

At PalBailador, passion and community come together. Our house rules ensure respect, safety and fun while dancing. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the rules so that we can experience the joy of dancing together in a positive atmosphere.


  • Basically, we attach great importance to respectful interaction between all participants and dance teachers.

  • Physical hygiene is important to us so that all course participants can fully concentrate on dancing. To avoid unpleasant body odors, we recommend bringing deodorant, perfume and fresh clothing such as sports pants, leggings or T-shirts. The toilets and cloakrooms are available to everyone.

  • Out of respect for all course participants, smartphones are not allowed during class. Not even in your pockets. 1 hour without a cell phone is good for everyone.

  • Dancing is only allowed with dancing shoes or clean sneakers. Street shoes are not allowed. We therefore ask everyone to change their shoes as soon as they enter the dance floor.

  • Please put the sole of the ladies dance shoes either outside or directly over the trash can.

  • Please throw empty drinking bottles or rubbish into the rubbish bins.

  • Smoking should not be done directly in front of the entrance door, but by the stairs on the terrace.


  • Arrive on time is expected

  • Bags, jackets, etc. must be left in the cloakroom area

  • Clean dancing shoes or sneakers

  • The dance subscription should be paid for at least 7 days before the start of the course, so we can start the lessons on time

  • Using smartphones during class is not permitted, not even in your trouser pockets

  • The number of participants is limited (maximum 30 people per course)

  • Absences must be communicated at least 5 hours in advance by email

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