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MONDAY 7:30 p.m. | Salsa intermediate level at least 8 months of experience.

MONDAY 7:30 p.m. | Salsa intermediate level at least 8 months of experience.


On Monday 


  • BEGIN:Monday,  08. January 2023
  • LEVELS:at least 8 months experience (intermediate level)
  • TIME:7.30 p.m.
  • STYLE: Salsa Puerto Rico on1
  • COURSE DURATION: Monday, December 8th, 2023 to March 25th, 2024  (12 weeks)



Payment for all dance subscriptions is made every 3 months. This means that you don't pay for your subscription every month, but rather pay the total amount directly in advance. This has the big advantage that you don't have to think about paying every month, but the payment is processed all at once. 

Price overview of dance subscriptions:


LIMITED One(12-week subscription) for 1 lesson/week:  CHF135.- per month = Total amount: CHF 405


UNLIMITED Three (12-week subscription) for unlimited course attendance: CHF 185.- per month= Total amount CHF 555.-


UNLIMITED students (12-week subscription) for unlimited course attendance and students up to 24 years: CHF105.- per month= Total amount CHF 315.-                                                 




  • Salsa Beginners 2 or Intermediate: Here you will learn the following: switching from Cubano to Puertorriqueña, the difference between a fast and a slow rotation, figure combinations, step shines. This course is very important to learn different techniques of your body as well as partner work. Coordination and proper strength of the body is the basis of the dance without neglecting the rhythms, so that with good technique you can dance more easily. After a while (which is very individual) you will be ready for the advanced course. 

 Important Information:

  • All available dance subscriptions have a term of 3 or 6 months.
  • The course fee is paidevery 12 weeks, every 3 months, in advance.
  • The course fee should be paid at least 3 days before the start of the course. 

Rules for compensation:

We understand that it is sometimes difficult to attend every dance class. That's why we offer you options if you missed a lesson. Of course, our goal is for you to take part in dance classes regularly and have fun.

A maximum of 4 lessons can be compensated for during the 12-week dance subscription. The compensation is based on the cumulus principle, which means: as soon as you have accumulated a total of 4 missed lessons, you can make the compensation. Not previously.

There are two ways you can compensate:

1.) Compensation in another course of your level:

The missed lessons can be made up for in another course at your level after your 12-week dance subscription has expired. For example, you can attend 2 lessons per week during the first 4 weeks of your new dance subscription to make up for the 4 missed lessons. This means you pay the regular price for your new 12-week dance subscription.


2.) Compensation in the first 4 weeks of the new dance subscription:

If you have missed a total of 4 lessons within 12 weeks, you can make the compensation after your 12-week dance subscription has expired. This means that in the first 4 weeks of your new dance subscription you will catch up on the 4 missed lessons. For your next 12-week dance subscription you only pay the difference, i.e. 8 weeks.

It is especially important to note that missed lessonsRegistered at least 5 hours before the start of the course must be taken into account in order to be taken into account as compensation. Otherwise they will not be counted as such.

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