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for adults


Come to the party with Zumba®!

We invite you to experience 60 intense minutes of fun and movement. Discover the perfect alternative to get in shape while dancing to rousing music.

Turn your workout into a celebration full of energy and joy. Don't miss the chance to experience the Zumba party and revitalize your body and mind!

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from 4 + 5 May 2024

NEW Zumba for adults offers a unique experience.

  CHF35.- discount

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Why Zumba is the ideal choice for your fitness

1.Versatility and fun: Zumba combines different music styles and dance moves from around the world, making the classes varied and fun. This variety keeps motivation high, as each class offers a new experience.

2. **Suitable for all fitness levels**: Zumba is designed to be suitable for participants of all fitness levels. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced dancer, the intensity of the exercises can be individually adjusted to meet every need.

3. **Full Body Workout**: Zumba is a combination of dance and fitness moves that works the whole body. It not only strengthens muscles, but also improves endurance and promotes heart health.

4. **Positive effects on mental health**: Zumba is not only physically stimulating, but also has positive effects on mental health. It promotes the release of endorphins, which reduce stress and create an overall feeling of well-being.

5. **Accessibility and sense of community**: Zumba classes are available worldwide and attract a diverse group of people. This sense of community can be very supportive and provides a great way to socialize in a positive and encouraging environment.

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